Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Essence of Film


Modern America is obsessed with them. An unfortunately large number of American-made films are nothing but a collection of visual effects and melodrama-based flicks that lack a deeper meaning or art. Foreign films are losing their prestige, too, but at a somewhat slower rate.

Just look at the trends...any time a popular movie comes out, a average half-dozen cheap knockoffs come not long after. Superhero movies can be great for entertainment, but really, they're starting to get old when they're coming out this fast. Same for you zombie movie many possible names for the same virus type can we come up with?

Now here's where we pull over. People can be creative with zombie movies, or superhero movies, and even (rarely) chick flicks. I love it when this happens, and it helps the typical movie-goer broaden his perspective. And of course, some movies are good for just plain entertainment. But this is key:

Porter van Duran's First Law of Film: If a movie doesn't represent quality art of some form, it is worthless

Art can be many things. Comedy is an art in my opinion, and it has been largely butchered by the typical comedy film these days. Outstanding acting, intricate plots, hidden messages, causing people to ask questions...all of these are signs of art in a film.

So, my readers, what should you expect from me, Porter van Duran? Critical scrutiny? Yes. Honest likes and dislikes? Yes. The occasional scathing reviews typical of a critic? Most definitely.

Porter van Duran's Second Law of Film: A film is not worthy of being called a film unless it has gone beyond a flick